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When Leaving Your Home For an Extended Period

  • Make sure to have someone get your mail every couple days.  An overflowing mailbox lets thieves know that you haven't been home for a while and might make your home an easier target.
  • Put a timer on some of your lights so that they will turn on around dusk for a few hours.  The light given off will allow your neighbors to easily see if someone is in your home who shouldn't be.
  • If it is winter time it is sometimes best to shut off your main water valve by the meter and to drain your lines by opening all the faucets in your home and leaving them open.  This will prevent your lines from freezing if you furnace stops working while you are out.  Always remember that if you are going to drain your hot water tank to make sure you shut the heating element off as well as heating the tank when it has no water in it can cause major damage to the tank and is a fire hazard.
  • You should also turn the ringers down on your phone as low as possible.  A constantly ringing phone heard from outside could also let thieves know you are not at home.

Some Common Water Quality Issues

  • White or Milky Coloring - This is usually cause by dissolved oxygen being released in the water.  During the winter especially the water temperature is much colder and when it enters your home it begins to warm up some.  This causes the oxygen dissolved in the water to release, causing small bubbles to form.  The water is completely safe to drink, and if you allow it to settle for a minute or two it will become clear.  This problem is also more noticeable in hot water as the tank has heated it even more, causing it to release more dissolved oxygen.  Another thing to check is that your aerators on your faucets are not becoming clogged up due to lime build-up.
  • Cold Water is Clear but Hot Water is Brown - This is almost universally caused by build up of sediments and corrosion in hot water tanks.  Sometimes flushing the tank can help solve this problem, but usually this problem occurs when it is time to replace your tank.  The average life expectancy for a hot water tank is roughly 10 years.
  • Constant Low Water Pressure - This usually involves corrosion of plumbing within a house.  Some homes were built with galvanized iron piping, and at any elbows within this piping corrosion can get stuck and reduce water volume and pressure.  If you have copper plumbing, or the newer plastics this problem does not occur as often. 

Also Remember...

  • Small leaks and drips may not seem like much but over time they can add up to thousands of extra gallons of water on your bill.  By fixing small leaks when they appear you can save yourself a lot of headaches later on.
  • Just remembering to shut the water off while brushing your teeth or shaving can reduce your water consumption by up to four thousand gallons a year per person.
  • In extreme cold weather it is usually a good idea to leave a tap in your house run a small amount.  This helps by keeping the water in your service line running and prevents freezing of the line coming into your house.